Most Popular Pizza Sayings Of All Time

There is no doubt that pizza is a very popular food. Americans eat billons of large pizzas every single year. However, Pizza Hut did something that was rather amazing. They actually delivered a pizza to the Russian space station in 2001.

They had to pay one million dollars to have the pizza transported into space. Pizza Hut actually made a commercial for the delivery, which is quite incredible. In 2012, a hacker group took down Papa John’s website because the pizza they ordered was 2 hours late. That might be one of the most interesting things you’ve ever heard.

Frozen Pizzas

There are many different types of frozen pizza. One of the first companies that created frozen pizzas was called pizza. No, that wasn’t a typo – a company actually had that name. While pizza is probably one of the most popular foods known to mankind, it’s not exactly one of the healthiest. A 2015 best rated pizza oven. The fact is that people will always love pizza because it tastes amazing.

The very first use of the word pizza was ion 997 AD, which was a very long time ago. Today, we have several different varieties of pizza to choose from. Back in the day, simple flat bread was the most popular form of pizza.

It was sprinkled with a wide range of different toppings and sold for an enormous amount of money. Some of the first pizzas ever made originated from Italy, so it’s the country known as the pizza hot spot. There are many foods that can actually be traced back to the New Stone Age Period. Some of the first pizzas ever made were very sweet and not very savoury.

There are numerous historical records that show people have been adding different ingredients to bread for many years. However, it didn’t take long before pizza took on a life of its own, and humans started adding tomato sauce to their favorite treat.

For Poor People

In the beginning, pizza was really a dish made specifically for poor people. Today, things are different, and it’s still a dish for poor people – but it’s a tasty one! It was actually sold in the streets for poor people, and it made for a great treat because of the caloric content that it was able to provide.

Amazing Facts About Chocolate That You Never Knew

 March 8, 2015      

Maybe you think you know everything there is to know about chocolate. The reality is that there are some facts about this delicious treat that you never knew existed.

Every single day, millions of Americans indulge in this dark, sweet goodness. However, most people never think about what it’s really made of or how it can help their daily life. We always thought about buying a cordless phone. Some people want a cordless home phone system, but they don’t want to pay a lot of money for it. We found that cordless phones are easy to find.

Boosting Your Workout

One of the greatest benefits of chocolate is that is has the potential to boost your workout. There is no reason to pay a lot of money for protein shakes and sports drinks; you can get plenty of nutritional benefits from chocolate.

In terms of recovery, chocolate appears to be just as effective as many other options. A chocolate fondue fountain is a great source of chocolate. If you want the best and top rated fondue fountain, then you need to follow that link. You’ll be amazed at what you can dip inside of your chocolate fountain. Many studies have been conducted on the effects that chocolate has on your workout.

These studies show that it’s capable of providing athletes with a greater level of endurance than many protein shakes and similar alternatives. If you haven’t already started using this secret to your advantage, then you’re losing out on faster recovery and greater endurance.

OH the Flavonoid’s

Something else that you probably didn’t know about chocolate is that it contains flavonoids. Also called phytochemicals, flavonoids are plant chemicals. You can find these chemicals naturally inside of your favorite type of chocolate.

They have very unique chemical structures, which gives them anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Studies show that these chemicals are also very effective for protecting your body’s cells, which helps to prevent a number of different illnesses. However, if you want to get the most benefits out of chocolate, then you should stick to dark chocolate. If chocolate isn’t your thing, then you can get a beard trimmer from the store. There is a 2015 trimmer for your beard. However, you need to make sure it’s the right beard trimmer for your unique type of hair.

A typical bar of dark chocolate contains a large amount of flavonoids, which have even been shown to reduce blood pressure. If you want to lower your blood pressure, all you need is 80 milligrams of flavonoids per day.

Period Is Not Related To Chocolate

Many women falsely believe their period causes them to crave chocolate. According to statistics, as many as half of all women crave chocolate. About half of the women who crave chocolate actually crave it while on their period.

A number of researchers have found that menstrual hormones have nothing to do with chocolate cravings. There is actually a psychology behind comfort foods, and this is what causes you to crave chocolate. This is something to remember before you start munching down that giant bar of goodness.

Cannot Wake You Up

Many people believe that chocolate is filled with caffeine. This is not the case. Although there is a small amount of caffeine in chocolate, it’s a tiny amount when compared with how much caffeine you would find in a typical cup of coffee. Dark chocolate contains the greatest amount of caffeine.

It’s milk counterpart contains about a fourth of the same chemical. Despite what your mother might’ve told you, chocolate does not contain enough caffeine to keep you up at night – but you might want to avoid eating it before bed, just in case.